Dr. Lee Forest also provides an affordable medical plan for his patients and prospective patients. For only $49 a month plus $20 per visit at his medical office in Stratford CT.
Service to make you smile:
Our first question isn’t going to be about your insurance—it’s about you and your health. We provide full-service family health care services including treatment of acute & chronic conditions such as: urgent conditions of the head/eyes/ears/nose/throat, skin, stomach, muscles, and pulmonary system, as well as flu and fever plus general conditions like allergies, STDs, insomnia, and urinary tract infections.
In addition to the specific conditions we treat, we also:
– obtain comprehensive medical histories
– perform diagnostic exams
– prescribe and provide medications
– renew prescriptions
– order and interpret lab tests and x-rays (billed by the provider or directly by the facility)
If they’re required, we can order and interpret lab tests and x-rays (billed directly by the facility), we are affiliated with major hospitals, and we can provide trusted referrals to traditional and alternative sub-specialties.