The Annual health check up is a standard in preventive medicine that involves making visits to a primary care practitioner on a regular basis, usually on a yearly basis or even less frequently by well-feeling individuals. Some of the check-ups that are carried out on individuals involve a thorough medical history and physical examination. It’s important to know that these medical checkups are not meant to focus on chronic diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol, diabetes, etc., but are to focus on everything a patient should have performed on a regular basis.

Dr. Lee Forest is an family medicine practitioner in Connecticut. He is renowned for his specialty in Family Medicine where he maintains a long lasting and caring relationship with his patients and their families. Family Medicine, in a nutshell, is made to include individuals of all ages. Dr. Lee Forest advocates for annual health check-ups as they help in identifying health problems in their early stages before they develop into something more serious. So as to make the most of your check-up, there are a number of things you need to know such as your family health history, medical and surgical histories, and any recent testing you have done since your last check-up.


It is important for adults to carry out an annual health checkup. According to Dr. Lee Forest a Family Medicine practitioner based in Connecticut, individuals (adults and children) are recommended to carry out an annual health check as this helps improve on their health as well as maintain their general wellness. Below are a number of important reasons as to why it is important to carry out annual health check –ups:


  • Healthy people do become sick as well – it’s important to know that however much you’re in top physical condition, your body may have underlying health problems, which need addressing. Some of the important check-ups that will be done include checking up on your cholesterol level, glucose level and cancer screening among others.
  • If you don’t work out or practice an unhealthy lifestyle – it’s advisable for individuals who lead an unhealthy lifestyle to visit a doctor at least once per year. Some of the checks that your doctor will perform on you will include blood pressure checks, among other health issues checks.
  • If your family members have died of a chronic disease – it’s advisable to seek medical attention if an immediate family member dies of heart attacks, cancer, or any other serious health issues. Having a doctor familiar with your family’s health history will come in handy especially if you are at a risk of any hereditary problem.
  • Helps alleviate worry – when an individual knows that they are in good health that goes a long way in giving peace of mind. A study shows that individuals with less worry of falling sick are in a better position of maintaining good health and wellness since they have reduced stress.


Preventive medical care is important and individuals must not forget that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure!