Homeopathic medicine revolves around the idea that the human body can heal itself if given the opportunity. This doesn’t necessarily mean that those who follow homeopathic ideas don’t seek out medical help, on the contrary, there are many doctors who believe in a homeopathic philosophy. The philosophy doesn’t focus on treating symptoms to ease the pain or illness of the patient. The importance is to find the actual problem that is causing the body to react.

When following homeopathic medicine, one usually will try to find the root cause of the problem rather than treat the symptoms only. There are many Internal Medicine doctors who use this approach. The diagnosis and treatment involves not only the present symptoms but an in depth look at what may be the cause of the illness or injury. With homeopathic medicine, the belief is that the body is expereincing the symptoms in question for a very specific reason. The goal is to find that cause. Medicines may be prescribed to ease the symptoms, and there are a great many non-toxic and homeopathic medicines out there, but the overall goal is to find out why the body is reacting as it is. Once you know the underlying cause, you can treat it and prevent it from happening again. Treatment is focused on the individual and therefore treatments may be different for different people who are having the exact same symptoms. Bodies react differently to different treatments and homeopathy takes this into account and treats accordingly.

Dr. Lee Forrest is an Internal Medicine and family doctor who practicies in the Stratford CT, area. He uses some holistic approaches in his practice and believes in the idea of whole body healing. Working with Dr. Forrest allows patients to use their body to heal itself with the influence of homeopathic medicine. He is a great option for those in Connecticut who are seeking medical treatment that focuses more on the patient than the drugs.

Anyone seeking a holistic doctor in Connecticut, specifially the Stratford CT area, should have a consultation with Dr. Lee Forrest. He focuses on listening to each patients’ individual needs to find a healing approach for the body, both mentally and physically. Dr. Forrest takes the time to get to know each patient, to understand fully the symptoms they are experiencing, and to find the cause of those symptoms. Each patient is treated as an individual because each body experiences things differently. Treatment is very specific to the patient’s individual needs.